Wifi Internet

Thinking of bringing your laptop or iPad whilst you are on the road exploring New Zealand? Well now you can, we have added mobile broadband internet with Wi-Fi access to our motorhomes. It means you can go online whenever you want, anywhere there is mobile coverage all in the comfort of your motorhome. So bring your laptop or iPad and stay in touch with your friends and family while you are travelling in a Tui Camper.

Any internet applications that you have on your device can be used, whether you’re a news junkie, Facebook fanatic, daily Skype caller, or simply can’t get by without your email is now all made possible with mobile broadband whilst you are on the road.  If you are a family that has more than one device, from the kids iPod’s to dad’s iPhone and mum’s iPad, you can all connect at the same time quickly and easily with up to five Wi-Fi devices.

How much does it cost?

  • $80.00 for 8GB
  • $90.00 for 10GB
  • $110.00 for 25GB
  • $125.00 for 40GB 

If you run out of data you buy a top up add-on to keep you going.  

Data lasts for 28 days

How fast is it?

Mobile Broadband is fast enough to handle all the usual activities you may use the internet for, such as emailing, video streaming and file or music downloading. The actual speeds you get will depend on the device you use, your coverage and location.

How good is the coverage?

Because Mobile Broadband utilises Vodafone 3 and 4G network, you'll get coverage in 97% of the places that New Zealanders live, work or play.

How does it work?

With this new device you can set up your own secure WiFi anywhere in Vodafone coverage.  It's portable, wireless and battery powered, plus with one-touch setup you can share your broadband with up to five Wi-Fi devices quickly and easily.


Pocket WiFi will easily fit in your bag. It has a similar size to a credit card so you can carry it around anywhere.

Supported devices

As long as your mobile phone, laptop, netbook or other device is Wi-Fi (802.11b and g) enabled, you will be able to connect to the internet through Pocket WiFi.